#3839798, By Charroux Starbucks waste 23 million litres of water every day

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    To be fair, road tax is but a tiny fraction of the cost of running a car. I'd have thought that fuel consumed already accounts for the largest cost difference between 4x4 owners and fiesta drivers. Apart from horrendous depreciation, obv.

    Not any more. The highest tax group is just under a grand a year.

    Well, if you crunch some numbers...

    Charitably, the highest tax group of cars will do what... 20mpg? Given an average of 12,000 miles per year, that's 600 gallons. So that's 2,727 litres of petrol at 1.17 for Super = 3,190 per year on fuel.

    It's all dwarfed by depreciation anyway...

    EDIT: Actually, tax is only a grand in the first year. After that it's currently 450. Seriously, though - you'd be paying 40k plus on an object that'll be worth 16k in three years.
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