#3840368, By Charroux Starbucks waste 23 million litres of water every day

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    kalel wrote:
    That makes no sense to me. If itís supposed to be a deterrent on buying environmentally unsound cars, then the tax increase should only be applied to cars from new cars from now onwards.

    Theyíre just screwing people who already have cars. Sorry, I donít buy that rationale at all. There are much fairer ways of achieving what you suggest.

    As I mentioned before, the tax increase is pretty small in comparison to overall running costs. However it is big enough for people to notice, and provoke them to give some thought to downsizing on their next purchase - whether new or secondhand.

    I think that it will reduce the numbers of the worst-performing cars on the road. And I think that it will achieve this better than simply adding 4p onto fuel would - even if that way is "fairer". Also, I think it would be political suicide to introduce road tolls at the moment - regardless of whether I support them or not.
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