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    It was easier to parry in Demons and harder to Backstab. Still highly possible, but a smaller window made it a less viable online strategy. The elemental weapons in DS also made early level ganking so much easier as a +5 lighting weapon against anyone who isn't using the BB glitch for characters pre Anor/Sens would just have no way to handle it.

    No end of +5 lighting shotel users, or Pyro +5 (ascended) invading with Sl1 characters in the Burg. Which was fine for me as I specifically made characters for them to invade and get slaughtered by (BB glitch fights back ha). It did however leave a sour taste for a lot of late adoptees just trying to learn the ropes.

    Although what joy those invaders got is beyond me. For the most part, most Darkwraiths are actually quite decent people. Double D excluded of course (see Catacombs invasion videos for proof) haha
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