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    Thanks CUR715,

    I don't see myself as a "bad" gamer. But 35+ hours in and I don't feel as I was close to the end. No more than 5-6 bosses taken down. But that something that makes DS even better. Practicing, finding all the secrets, finding ways to kill those NPC Black phantoms. Its so much game for the money. Just before the crash I had the confidence to challenge the "1-1 king". I had everything planned out, and then PIP-PIP-Death of a PS3.

    I love the dark "humour" in the game. How you see a place full of treasures, you know you will get killed trying to get them the 1st time (or 2nd... or 5th) and you still try to get them and dies. How evil the enemies are. They really are... I had some help on a boss fight on a bridge. We were going to make it untill my helping hand get thrown off. It sucks and it is still so fun. And the panic...
    I miss it so much...

    I'm looking forward to InFamous. Oddly enough I havnt read one critical word about yet (compare to other PS3-exclusives as killzone2). Everyone seems to give it a strong 9.

    In my book DS is a 10. Not the strongest graphics, but not bad at all. Kind of repetitive enemies, but it has to be that way (some of you will understand),

    How many of you think that Demons souls will be gimped for the western audience?

    Will probably get online monday or tuesday. Probably no DS untill 1 or 2 weeks :(
    If you want to keep talking about how good this game is or volunteer to help me out as a blue phantom, my PSN ID is Player___two (three underscores). I'm located in Sweden.
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