#4805927, By toye Demon's Souls

  • toye 31 May 2009 22:05:01 7 posts
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    lol. I have tried to invade some games. The 1st time the guy had already summoned a blue phantom. They took one hit each and started bowing to each other over my corpse. The next time I was running up to the stairs in 1st level of "skeleton county" and my enemy saw me in the distance and bowed. I didnt like that at all. Never won a match. But I was victim of magics and stuff I didn't knew existed, so now I know what I have to find. :)

    I havnt even touched the world tendency stuff. That seems to be of some epic scales in itself.

    I dont think I had killed more then 2 demons myself after 16 hours. Every time I encounter I new demon I try to avoid it as long as possible. Everything has to be right before entering. Not carrying to many souls, satisfied with current weapon and enough of usables I think I'll need. Some test runs, trying to get a strategy and after that I'm ready for the battle.
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