#5461994, By Sneerk Demon's Souls

  • Sneerk 8 Nov 2009 10:31:19 940 posts
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    Gawd, grinding for ores is depressing! But once i get my weapon upgrades my life will be that much better for it, right? RIGHT!?

    But the good news is that 1-4 boss pluss dragon is now dead. The dragon just took a shitload of arrows, and i summoned a couple of BPs so the boss battle was fairly quick and painless, although one of the BPs died early on. 90k souls after he was dead, ka ching! It'll all go into "luck" to help me find my precious ores.

    /goes back to killing fire lizards to find a single meltstone

    valli: purple shield is a nice piece of kit indeed. I've got mine upgraded to +8.
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