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    Dying is very normal.

    I started playing with the attitude that I was better than the rest, that my measured, thoughtful approach would reap great rewards. I would be hailed as the DS player who beat the system, who would be heralded from afar.

    I set out deciding that I would return to the Nexus whenever my souls would allow me to level up. I would out level the game.

    After trying 2-2 (and this is after about 30 hours so far!) and dying almost 20 times in a row as I tried to figure it out, you need to accept the inevitable.

    Dont think about the Souls you lose, think about the sweet nectar that are the ones you can use!

    (I still die on 1-1 when not paying attention. This games kicks your behind unless you are totally focussed on the job in hand).
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