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    Slabbathepave wrote:
    I was invaded last night, and after a good 10 minutes worth of hacking away at each other i got the killing blow....only to watch his health jump back up another third, and him kill me instead. Is this due to a particular item or was he just a crafty wee haxxor? Secondly, this same phantom was somehow able to hit me every time he swung his weapon, despite the fact i was hiding behind a massive shield like some agorophobic turtle. Can i assume a weapon exists that ignores block?

    I must know... because against all odds i completely outplayed that cancerous fanny ulcer.

    He made me pick my girlfriend up above my head, and let out an almighty roar before smashing her down bodily onto my knee, breaking her spine. She died.

    That black phantom killed my girlfriend.


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