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    FogHeart wrote:
    I've restarted twice and I'm thinking of doing so again....I want to determine the optimal path to get through the game. So far I think it goes like this (NB I tend to use Wanderer, I like fast melee combat)

    Back to Nexus, then buy Poison Cloud. You are very happy now, because poison cloud will kill Red Dragon in 1-2 and Flamelurker in 2-2. For Flamelurker, use the thief ring, walk right behind him and cast. He won't move, just suck it up. Needs four clouds to kill him. Go and make a tea, come back and cast again :)

    Um, what? You're not going to get close enough to him to be able to cast poison cloud without him seeing/charging you, and you're certainly not going to be able to sneak behind him (and that's with the Thief ring).
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