#6532407, By PanStre Demon's Souls

  • PanStre 10 Sep 2010 07:34:04 425 posts
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    He's definitely doable in melee, even if you solo it. It's just about keeping enough of a distance that he's liable to use those attacks that leave him open (his long leap and his AOE attack). I had to use the Mirhan Hammer +10 as Demonbrandt wasn't an option for me (BCT). Will be bringing Soulbrandt next time though.

    Funny thing, I had no idea you could survive his Soulsucker attack. I'd revived however, and had enough HP, so I did. I about gave up first time he used it on me though, I looked away from the screen, preparing for another trudge through 1-4, I looked back and I'm still bloody alive but with a sliver of health! Managed to heal up just before he launched at me again (suffered 2 further Soulsucker attacks in that fight, survived each time due to always having full health). That was attempt number 6.
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