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    Went back on last night after dying a couple more times in 4-2 and thought 'stuff it', upgraded a bunch of weapons and got one of the 'Best By' trophies. Went into 3-3 and wasn't expecting to do much, black phantom got me once or twice but I got to the Old Monk (AI version sadly), and killed it at my first go. Was really happy haha. Did not expect that boss to be so easy. Really would've preferred a PvP encounter.. haven't had one yet :(

    Then went off into 1-4 as I could get past the fog, ran around 2h the Flamberge +9 and just having fun, think I actually got pretty far, but backed out because of time constraints.

    Q. - Are there are bosses than can be 'missed'? I think I read that somewhere you can..
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