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    Finished this yesterday. I rolled through the last 3-4 bosses. Gotta agree with the stuff up there ^, 5-3 was awesome. 5-2 was a total nightmare!

    "I'm lost.." messages everywhere :D

    I actually killed Astraea and not Vinland. Oh well. I sniped her.

    As she was speaking it really began to hit me that the whole 'universe' of Demon's Souls had actually been there all along, and you are trapped inside it. The game didn't really give you much of a narrative or an idea of what or where you are, other than it's you and your skills against the rest of this crazy fucking place. Over the course of the game it's really your journey, an RPG in the true sense. The characters you meet, while never fleshed out or even that interesting, are also trapped, and you start to sense that, while you are in effect 'helping' them, this journey may never end, and I think that was really reinforced by the direct way the game handles the NG+, you go straight back into it, as though the cycle has started itself once again, and you feel more trapped in that universe than ever.

    A special game, then. I might try to go for the plat. :)

    Or maybe move onto Dark Souls!
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