#8954256, By StefJamEX Demon's Souls

  • StefJamEX 23 Aug 2012 11:38:32 94 posts
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    Had one of those cold moments of panic last night.

    I was rolling, quite literally, through the Nexus between waypoints when I misjudge the path and end up tumbling onto Sage Freke. He shouts and gets up as if to start fighting me, but instead stands there watching me. That horrible cold feeling spreads as I think that I have ruined my plans for my character and miss out on all those lovely boss soul spells. But he just stands there. Staring.

    Luckily, after restating the game, he's sat back down and just as jolly as ever. And all this happened after I realised that Ostravia has glitched, which means I'll have to wait for NG+ to find out what was behind the door by the red eye knight.
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