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    Trying to finish Demon Souls again, and i have to say: The overall boss fights are both more memorable with a varied moveset. I felt that some bosses in Dark souls were to similar.

    Demon Souls is a shorter game with fewer bosses(27 vs 17 not counting ordinary dragons and npc's) but if i have to look for memorable bossfights and compare them to Dark Souls i would choose:

    Demon Souls: Tower Knight, Old Monk, False King Allant, Maneater, Flamelurker and perhaps Storm King.

    Dark Souls PDT: Gwyn(if you don't ruin the fight with parries), Kalameet, Maneater, Smough and Ornstein, Queelaag, Manus, and perhaps Four Kings. Capra Demon.

    Trying to do a melee only run, difficult because magic and bows in Demon Souls makes things so much easier. So far i have finished every boss without magic, on some enemies i used a soul arrow though.
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