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    I don't agree entirely(i'll mention some terrible part of Dark souls below), but 2-2 was indeed terrible(the whole level and the short-cut, i usually skip the level)

    World 5 has it's moments but is overall badly designed, similar to blight-town. 4.2 is very short and i don't understand why you would have a problem with it. 4.1 on the other hand is short but great in my opinion.

    World 3 and 1 are brilliant in my opinion.

    Now we have The Hollows in Dark souls which is just terrible and doesn't add anything, New Londo which is fun if you discount those bugged ghosts.

    I thought that the woods weren't that great either, New Izalith has some terrible moments as well.

    Great area's for dark souls are in my opinion: The Undead Burg and Parish, The Depths, Andor Londo, Sens fortress, Painted world.

    What makes Dark souls more enjoyable is the removal of healing items, easier upgrade system(although with less options), bonfires and more lore.

    Although some mentioned changes to Dark souls 2 scare me, i still believe a lot of progress can be made in level design and boss design.
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