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  • Deleted user 16 February 2013 14:07:37
    I gave that a go (ethernet pulled) and no joy. I've fucked something up, I'm sure of it. When I first started playing it, I followed the advice on the ground like a mug, and killed various people. I also killed a merchant in the Valley by accident.

    I checked a Wiki for info on WT and it shoed screenshots which match what I'm seeing, with the exception of Shrine of Storms - the little egg-shaped crystal thingie is a bit darker there. It's not shining in the Nexus either. Do they all have to be shining? Maybe that's the problem. I've been checking out other levels I've done and I'm guessing certain things cannot be done until I'm PW or PB: lots of loot in various cells in Latria for example. Plus that blue bloke who's always moaning.

    This is the sort of thing that narked me in Dark Souls - meeting NPCs in the wrong order or at the wrong time and buggering up events. I don't think I managed to follow a single storyline through in Dark Souls because I didn't do things the 'right' way. How the hell can you ever know the right way without getting someone to tell you (and effectively spoil) the right way, or by looking up guides? Admittedly Demon's Souls has a less of that sort of thing, but all the same. Then again, maybe that's why NG exists.. :-)

    I've not finished the Valley yet, so maybe if I stay offline until that boss is done, I can get PW? I also read a tip in that Wiki to kill your body form in the Nexus to avoid moving to PB, so I've done that.

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