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    @Dangerous_Dan ; Well, I just sort of went back after the big Phalanx boss (nice to see it's a boss here!) and I noticed the gate that was shut was... open. So I went in, a few red phantom ambushes which were easy enough and then move onward, still curious... giggling? Oh holy mother of, that's a big cleaver! And that's how we were introduced. I don't really get this "tendency" thing yet. I'm just poking about the place.

    One thing I took from Dark Souls is to really poke about. Which is what I intend to do!

    And it's smoother, sleeker and has a more sort of interesting story. I love Dark Souls so much, but this... after beating the Vanguard demon (just checked the soul!) in the tutorial, you see that huge red demon and it's like, "Oh. My god. Epic. This is just... epic!"

    Although probably should have made a female called Rose Tyler in that case, a little bit of, "I have seen this somewhere before, right?"

    Still better.
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