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    you may be unable to get it in world one now like the others have said earlier, playing offline seems to be one method. the way ive been doing it is. I have only really been playing when i have enough time to kill two bosses at one session. For example i log in to server which sets the world tendancy to usually just into white. I would then say kill world 1-1 boss then kill myself in nexus, kill world 1-2 boss. this takes my WT wo pure white in world 1, now as long as i dont go back to title and log back in the server shouldnt reset it. i then did the Wt stuff in 1-1 cant rememebr if there is any in 1-2 and i dont think there are any in 1-3 and 1-4. does this make any sense?

    EDIT: basically killing any two bosses in a world will take that world to pure white generally. for 3 i killed 3-1 boss, then went away then came back did 3-2 and 3-3 together then went back and got the WT stuff from 3-2 then 3-1.

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