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    Got the game a couple days ago, completed it last night. I'll try not to spoil anything too serious, just some general impressions:

    - Singleplayer campaign pretty fun, lots of cool setpieces in true Halo tradition, some wicked vehicle sections among others. Length-wise I'd say about the same length as Halo 3, give or take an hour or two depending on difficulty/number of players
    - Firefight is great fun, even with only two players (the maximum allowed to play split-screen). Pretty brutal as well, I think me and my pal's record on the first arena is something like 50,000, while the par score (which gains you an achievement for beating it) is 200,000. This was on normal. That said, it apparently doesn't scale, so if you're playing with less than 4 players you're essentially handicapping yourself.
    - The music is brilliant, esp. the soft jazz while wandering around New Mombasa at night
    - There are achievements for completing each level, with some unique achievements for each individual level (usually revolves around blowing up a set number of vehicles if it's a vehicle-heavy level, getting a certain number of headshots if the level is sniper-heavy, etc.)

    All in all I'm pretty pleased, it won't blow anyones mind but fun stuff nonetheless. Not *that* different from Halo 3 IMO, but I don't think anyone really expected that anyway. Feel free to ask questions btw, I'm essentially done with it for the time being, just waiting for all of my friends to get the game come tuesday so I can get some real firefight going.
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