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    Noting a lot of subjective rather than objective reviews on Metacritic; will MW2 get marked down for being more MW, I wonder?

    Games should be reviewed on their own merits, not those of the series. Poor show. Also think marking it down for shortness is poor, as HL2 wasn't that long either.
    I think you are getting confused here. It is being marked on its own merits it just so happens that the reviewer has played the exact(!) same game three times before. So an 8 is bloody generous.

    I agree with the score but the whole same game three times thing is total bullshit. Its a sequel. To an FPS. Did you expect it to turn into an RPG or a platformer??

    Same now outdated graphics engine wrapped around gameplay that hasn't advanced a jot since Halo 2 is very much "the same game" actually, especially when you consider you are literally FORCED to re-buy Halo 3's multiplayer component to get access to what little new content there is on offer.

    If this was priced as the expansions Microsoft promised it would be, I would have been all over it, but as things are, it'll be a rental at most, and I'm in no hurry to do even that right now after the bad taste the whole thing is levaing in my mouth at this moment.

    I can see there are a lot of blinkered Halo fanboys who refuse to accept any criticisms infest this site, so I don't doubt this post will be dismissed out of hand, but to try to pretend anyone who is pissed off by the way ODST has been handled is automatically "wrong" really does show up who the blinkered cocks are.

    It's a way overpriced expansion, you need only look at what you get in GTA4 Episodes from Liberty City and compare and contrast to prove this.
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