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    I found the lack of an overworld to drive around in and the slicker graphics at bit off-putting at first, but I actually really enjoyed the game. The best part is that it's distinct from the first one so they nicely sit side-by-side.

    I won't go through your diatribe bit-by-bit, but suffice it to say I disagree with pretty much everything you've said. Some of the bosses lack a lot of in-game dialogue, but to say they have less "backstory" is patently untrue, it's just the method of delivery is different. Sylvia's doing her porn-booth routine in lieu of a lot of chatter. I found the bosses on a whole more challenging in this game and the backdrops had a lot more variety.

    The low-level shooting baddies were in greater number, but I found them no more of a problem than in the first game - they're plainly indicated on the radar with a slightly different icon - take them out first and you're sorted and don't forget to make use of your ecstasy metre.

    The final boss I thought was a lot of fun, sorted his hash on the first attempt, boss fight two was more challenging for me. I also enjoyed the mini-games, though I liked them in the first game too. "Man the Meat" is the best.

    But rather than have an equally long rebuttal, I'll just say check my most recent blog post: http://www.seanswiiworld.co.uk/
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