#3871090, By SwedBear COD 5 BETA - First Impressions ?

  • SwedBear 13 Oct 2008 09:05:53 302 posts
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    It definitely feels like a WWII-mod for COD4. Got my beta-code from callofduty.com yesterday (part of preorder) and played a few rounds. I really loveed COD4 multiplayer so the fact that it still feels like COD4 is not necessary bad. The maps were quite small, almost to small IMHO, and there does not seem to be any check that the sides are even yet. I ended up in a few games yesterday where six level 11 guys played against 4 level 1 guys and 1 level 11 guy. That wasn't fun at all :).

    I hate the dogs but they are just like the chopper in COD4, dangerous but still possible to kill.

    The problem for me is that I now play a lot more BF:Bad Company and that I feel that they need to do more than just reskin COD4 MP to make it as fun. Driving a tank was quite fun though so I hope the full game has larger maps, more fun weapons and vehicles to drive.
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