#3880698, By Jonny5Alive7 COD 5 BETA - First Impressions ?

  • Jonny5Alive7 14 Oct 2008 10:00:40 24 posts
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    AndyWilkie, you get the missiles (artillery) when you get 5 kills in a row and dogs when you get 7. Just like the air strike and helicopter equivalents of COD4.

    My first impressions are of it being good fun so far. I only played a few rounds but I'm glad they've kept it similar to COD4. I understand people saying they wanted the modern setting still, but this is Treyarch not Infinity Ward. After the rush job of COD3 I think they wanted to prove they could do a game properly. Plus COD5 was in development before COD4 was released so it was too late by then anyway :-)
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