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    Scurrminator wrote:
    How was it not explained? They don't need to spell it out.
    Huell took the ricin from Jesse, Walt got the berries to Brock. Wouldn't have taken long. Your review also points out that it would have been better had Brock died to show how far Walt would go etc but they did; he didn't know he wouldn't die, as seen by the relief you saw when Jesse told him he didn't, in the moment he carried out that act he didn't really care about the child. Means to an end innit.
    I can buy the poisoning easily - people are thinking about it a bit too much and to be honest it was the obvious answer anyway. In the interview he specifically says that Huell lifted the ricin and flushes it. The bit he says maybe improbable is that Walt could get to Brock; but i prefer the theory that Saul did it. Saul is friendly with the kid as seen in an earlier episode and would have to be in on the plan as Huell was - simple.

    I think they do need to spell it out, at least a lot more than they did, because it was crucial to how Walt turned Jesse back to his side.

    I don't buy Huell getting the ricin off Jesse, he has never been presented as someone who could pull off a sleight of hand that quickly, and it's far too vague how Walt - or Saul - could have got Brock to eat the berries, or at least the poisonous part of them. It's not IMPOSSIBLE that it happened the way you laid out, but that's really not enough for a series usually so meticulous in its plotting and an event so important.
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