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    To be fair though. A friend is watching the DVDs. Just finished season 1 and I was watching the first episode of season 2 with her last week. I found Walt himself a tad annoying. He's basically Walt with a hat on rather than Heisenberg, so he's stammering a bit, unsure of himself, searching for words at times. I found that a bit annoying to watch. The difference between season 5 Walt/Heisenberg and season 2 Walt is quite massive.
    It's been a while since I watched Season 2, but isn't that the point? It's not Bryan Cranston being a bad actor, it's Walter White the hapless chemistry teacher somehow becoming a drugs lord, trying to play up his Heisenberg character and needing to improvise on the fly. It's really the point of the entire show, isn't it? His descent from some everyday 9 to 5 family man into Heisenberg.

    Forgive me if I completely missed your point though.
    Well my point was as you say really. Walt changes a lot between the earlier and the current season.
    That's what the show is about. It was surprising to suddenly see season 2 Walt and how different he is. So different even to current season Walt that I found him a bit annoying. The sudden switch was a bit too jarring.
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