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    So Star Trek Discovery is VERY GOOD! Me very, very happy, yeah the first two episodes (especially the second) are a treat

    Its amazing feels like proper Trek

    I like the Klingon redesign, thoght I'd hate it but tbh there have been so many variations on them over the years it still fits, I like how they speak Klingon all the time, and constantly name drop Klingon iconogrophy like Kahless or Sto' Vo' Kor

    In the first episode it had a few wierd camera angles, strange, brightness shifts, lens flares that annoyed me especially on the bridge, but thats my only criticism so far. Seriously though they were all at 45 degrees at one point and nothing particularly interesting was happening, they were reading sensor data from a stationary position, not like the ship was moving or in battle at the time

    I boycotted JJTrek till it was on channel 4 and I still ain't seen the last one, that coming from someone who owned Voyager S4-7 and DS9 S7 on vhs, thats the type on trekkie I am
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