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    ControlledChaos wrote:
    This is interesting https://youtu.be/ojtX_Oz4WsU sounds like the rights issues is really complicated, no idea why CBS are making Star Trek on the restrictive Licence the Paramount got, doesn't make sense to me, I mean its cbs right? Or is it because of the apparent 10 year no compete clause? But didn't the first JJTrek occur in 2009? I just wish we had a star trek that was as good as The Orville
    Watched the vid. Sounds like a legal quagmire that is finally getting sorted.

    My guess is Discovery gets cancelled as it's clearly not doing the financial business it needs to for CBS, a lot of jobs are cut and the franchise reverts to traditional state in about 5 years.

    They just need a place holder, at this point, to keep interest going. That's what I think the Picard series does.
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