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    General_Martok wrote:
    It can't be the origin of the Borg because they already exist! I don't know why this is so hard to grasp.

    This is the prime universe, the Borg existed in the delta quadrant at this time, they were even on Earth before as a result of time travel from first contact and made an appearance in Enterprise. All before Discovery.

    So how in all fucks can it be the origin of the Borg? They already exist, in this time just not in this space.
    The youtube doc linked to a few pages ago is worth a watch. Essentially - this isn't the "prime" universe as we know it. Best way to think of it is as a different take on the Trek lore. Once I just accepted that it's not in the same realm as the original CBS Trek it made it easier.

    Easier to just criticise the show for its bad writing, characters and plot. Like any other TV show.
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