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    MetalDog wrote:
    Well, the bit you really need to grasp is 'love God and be nice to each other'. That's not complicated - anyone can understand it.

    However, people want to know more about, well, everything - and that's complicated. It requires a bit more study.

    @Leo - I'm not going to go diving into deep theology here, no. It's too large and I'm not sufficiently qualified to be certain I'd make no mistakes. Also, I'm not blaming the lay leadership for twisting the words of the church. I think the highest members of the church did a lot of the twisting.

    Frankly I think you, like Harry and that LRB link he quoted, are just hiding behind your "deep theology" as though it has some intrinsic merit and authority when really it has been built on an entirely insubstantial premise (the existence of God), which no amount of self-referential analysis can hope to support.

    No amount of theology can have any bearing on the central principle upon which most (Christian) theology is based, which is that God exists. If you want to address that question you need to look towards science or philosophy, neither of which offer anything to support it.

    In short, theology is just woo woo with longer words.
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