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    I really enjoyed the beta weekend. Found it was more fun when teaming up with people but not too sure about the dialogue rolls. Also lost my companion straight away as I left him to die whilst I scarpered with the objective but then realised I couldn't get back into the area to revive him.

    I spent more time downloading the thing then I did playing it. I assume it was a problem with the host as it was downloading at a tenth of my normal speed. Due to this waste of time, I only got to try a Jedi and Sith. The Sith story line seemed to pull me in more. The Jedi storyline was a little dull and had missions all over the place. T'was a bit messy.

    I'm not preordering it as I won't be around when it starts but I will definitely be picking it up at some point. Bioware have a fair few things to sort out though.

    darkmorgado said: "It's an absolutely perfect balance of bioware-esque alignment/choice-fuelled roleplaying with standard wow-esque tropes."
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