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    Xeaon wrote:
    How does the combat work? I read that sith agents and bounty hunters can use cover and that? Do the other classes have any special mechanics? Or is it just traditional mmo stuff where you stand and press hotkeys?
    The one big combat thing is that there are no auto attacks but besides that the other classes are classic MMO stuff. Also combat seems to have a lot of mobility, with knocbacks, pulls and leaps. I kinda like it. Probably not GW2 style combat, but slightly better than WoW (the no auto-attack feature keeps you busy).

    That being said... instead of class based roles, SWTOR has specialisation based roles. That means that quite a lot of classes can fill in different roles (healer/tank/dps) just depending on what spec they have chosen. That is quite interesting as well.

    And of course you have a sidekick that will help you out so if you can basically fill in the role that you want (unlike WoW for example where a prot specced warrior leveling took ages if you tried to do it on your own).

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