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    darkmorgado wrote:
    Got halfway through Kaon Under Siege last night before our tank had to log off for the night.

    Loved it though. It's a wonderful change in atmosphere from the rest of the game, a great melding of Aliens and Left 4 Dead. Loads of creeping through darkened tunnels knee-deep in sewage, setting up defense turrets whilst hearing and seeing things scuttling around in blackness...

    Can't wait to get back to it. I hope the other level-50 flashpoints show a similar high level of quality.
    Hmmmm... hard to answer that one TBH. Kaon is by far the best FP in SWTOR IMHO. The Battle of Ilum is not bad (especially the beginning) and teh False Emperor has some good moments. I think Kaon is probably something that they spend a lot more time on since it wasn't a launch FS. I expect great things from Bioware content wise the next few years.

    The best part in Kaon was seeing the huge zombie boss emerge in the distance and then suddenly see him jumping 100 meters right in the middle of us. I can assure you, there was panic in our group ;) The voice channel was pure chaos!

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