#5874162, By mr_steve100 Just got a RROD, NOOOOOO

  • mr_steve100 27 Feb 2010 21:22:25 1,238 posts
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    Mine died a couple of weeks ago. Went through the Xbox.com services thing on the website, registered my serial number and it said it was out of warranty. Still carried on completing the form to get it repaired, stating in the text box about Sales of Goods Act.

    Now I doubt that the website is clever enough to detect key words, but it all went through fine. Xbox.com gave me a receipt for free P&P and repair, sending me an email for the UPS label and UPS picked it up without charge. Just looked at the UPS tracking and it says it's back in the UK and will be delivered on Monday. (I only had it picked up last Monday!)

    Quick turn-around means either they've fixed it or they couldn't be bothered or it suddenly worked again. We'll find out soon!

    Mind, we got an Arcade version from Argos when it was 99; bargain-tastic. (I'm moving out hence my sister needs to get her own console.)
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