#8603279, By ezmarkez Just got a RROD, NOOOOOO

  • ezmarkez 16 Apr 2012 10:48:15 2 posts
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    Replacing the x-clamp with a screwed version brought me a further year.

    But problems again now. The reason for the first time was leaving it on overnight to download a mandatory xbox live update. And the second, leaving it on half a day downloading game trials for what I wanted to play next. :cry:

    I'm sure brief ~1hr gaming sessions helped it last this long - will probably take it apart again - and screw it together even tighter.

    And vacuum my room and move it from the corner.

    I may as well make holes in the case top as well now and mount it horizontal. It's been vertical all it's life as it looked to me with an unmodified case it would keep cooler.
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