#3941688, By delicateknifefight I bought a p;aystation 3 today and I have a HD TV but why is the graphics fuzzy

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    reddevil93 wrote:
    foreverafternothing wrote:
    reddevil93 wrote:
    reddevil93 wrote:
    foreverafternothing wrote:
    Just messing btw reddevil93, I love you really (aside from your display pic).

    Had that changed for his testimonial ages ago.

    /goes on the hunt for a new pic
    If only I could find a gif of this.


    That is exactly why I made the display pic comment.

    Can't stand the man now.
    Hehe, legend of a tackle. Got a standing applause too. Out of interest, what was the score in the match at the time?

    Don't bring your shit into a perfectly good thread you little scamp.
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