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    Billy_sastard wrote:
    Another noob question guys sorry, I keep getting an blank error message in Windows Live Mail in Windows 7.

    Some errors occurred while processing the requested tasks please review the list of errors below for more details, but the error's box is empty.

    It still functions properly and I receive all my mail, it's just annoying more than anything. I've been getting it for a long while now, tried to fix it myself with Googling but with no results.

    Do any of you boffins know the answer?

    /feels stupid again

    I can't help you, but I'll entertain you with anecdotes from my exciting life instead. A few years ago I worked for MSN/Windows Live Support. We'd support all the Live and MSN branded products, however there were clearly two classes of product in terms of polish and effort. Messenger and Hotmail (Live something now??) was top priority, and most flaws would be fixed fairly quickly. Other products such as Spaces (now defunct I believe) was clearly out of favour and nobody really gave a shit if it was broken (which it was).

    Windows Live Mail came along about a year before I left there as a replacement for Outlook Express. And everybody who tried it was actually genuinely impressed with it. It was a very decent effort by the Live Guys to return to the world of free mail clients, however for some reason the program would get no love whatsoever. I don't believe there was a single update to the program in my remaining time there, and that's despite some fairly nasty bugs, one that springs to mind was that it would save your password and automatically check your email even if you explicitly told it not. If we got a complaint about it, which we did fairly often, we were given a checklist of meaningless things for the user to try, as way of stalling them, and hopefully just shut up.

    Fun times.
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