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    kinky_mong wrote:
    It's a bit jarring how a dubstep remix of Run DMC cuts in when Tricky mode is activated over the sedate track in the first video. Hope there is an option to turn that off.

    That's my only complaint though, everything else looks fantastic!
    Taken from the Merqurycity forums, some guy asked about that particular clip and got the follwing reply:

    gondee wrote:
    Got an email from Batty about the music:

    Todd Batty wrote:
    Oh yeah, and to all those concerned: every aspect of audio is tunable for volume levels, as well as the Tricky sample going into Super Tricky can be set to default (as it is now), always (play as long as you are in Super Tricky) or NEVER.
    Hopefully that's true. And though the lack of split screen sucks, hopefully it's as easy to play online with friends as they are making out the whole 'setting scores/times/geotags' thing ie; actually getting a few people together and into a single race/trick event.

    That said, I played the hell out of SSX 3 on the ps2. Just me by myself unlocking stuff, setting high scores, buying stuff. Only 'board' game that ever gripped my attention. Split screen with two fully customised characters was awesome. Got high hopes for this and good to see the interest :D
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