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    buffyslayerfan wrote:
    i need help,
    we are on the electricity mission connecting to the computers but whatever way we do it, they won't connect for everything to power up we always make it higher or lower than they are
    we need an order of how 2 arrange the pipes
    plz help

    That is something thats very hard to explain wihtout showing you, but try using corner pieces more it works wonders and u might be using too many long pieces, try using a few long pieces to get to the cpu's and then using a corner piece facing up then a small piece i believe to get to the same height then a corner piece and make it face towards like horizontal along the back of the computers then a short piece and then a three way with the one end facing the computer and a short piece to the first hole and then basically repeat with small pieces and those three way, see i told its really hard to explain without showing you but i tried my best
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