#4013478, By Nuttah Left 4 Dead demo

  • Nuttah 13 Nov 2008 12:36:45 1,840 posts
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    I have to agree. The only major gripe was the lack of dedicated server we could join last night. Would like to know the ratio of players on each version compared to the ratio of dedicated servers available.

    Oddily enough, when we tried to host a lcoal game, only Whizzo and myself could actually join (whizzo hosted), both Carrot and Anothermartin could not. This sort of thing I would have seen in the early steeam days or with released games with various players on different versions. Might see if using hamachi resolves those local issues.

    Minor gripe, why o why have we gone back to showing "bars" for network latency/ping. Every MP steam game has always displayed a number, cannot just be for the console tards can it? :p
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