#4000132, By Cuke Hooking a console up via DVI

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    Righty, I'm having to replace my PC monitor and have decided on this Samsung one (www.ebuyer.com/product/132115). It's got a DVI-I input as well as the standard VGA (no HDMI despite what the Samsung site seems to imply) and since I'm currently using a boring old SD TV for my gaming I was thinking this new monitor could serve a duel purpose and let me play my 360 and PS3 in HD...

    My question therefore is this, with no handy DVI cable available for either console whats the best way of connecting them both up to the monitor?

    I know I can get a VGA cable for the 360 (I've not got an Elite so no HDMI), and I've heard you can get VGA->DVI converters but I'm a unsure why I'd need to even use DVI in this case, wouldn't simply using the VGA cable into the monitor be enough or would I not get HD that way?

    On the PS3 I've obviously got a HDMI port and can get a nice easy HDMI->DVI cable which should do the trick.

    However, as with the 360, I'm then left with the problem of getting the audio into my headphones. I think I'm right in saying both consoles allow you to set them up to use different outputs for audio and video meaning I can split it off in some way, but I'm not sure what the best way to do this is and get it into my headphones. I'm sure there are various ways of doing it using all kinds of converters etc but I was wondering if anyone had a 'best' way, I'm surely not the only person trying to use a VGA/DVD monitor for gaming....

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