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  • Deleted user 4 January 2009 14:03:58
    Yossarian wrote:
    See also: blocking the survivors' route by meleeing objects into doorways, skipping crescendo events through any means (and yes, this includes meleeing the door on No Mercy 3), disturbing the witch as an infected, and various other nefarious things I would be afraid to even mention in case someone googles them.

    I've played only played versus a few times, but now I'm coming across this sort of stuff more often. In fact, playing as a hunter yesterday afternoon, I saw the one bolded above: one of the survivors was huddled by that door bashing it. So I pounced - and, ha ha, killed them. They weren't even watching each others' backs.

    But, yeah, lame. I didn't realise the infected could startle the witch...
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