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    HoriZon wrote:
    Sub-kamikaze wrote:
    I booted up my Xbox at 10.00pm and there was no-one. I later noticed a message from HoriZon saying the same thing (Sorry - my notifications were off!).

    What happened there, then? Did you all have a wicked earlier match? Was it amazing?

    I other news, I finally got Zombie Genocidest (by playing on my lonesome) and the No Friendly Fire one.

    All I need now is Red Mist, Untouchables, and What are You Trying to Prove.

    The first is easy, the last is going to be a trial without people who want to help me out, and Untouchables is frankly ridiculous.

    You ignored me.

    I watched "There Will Be Blood" on Blu-ray instead, what a great film really liked it!

    /drink your milkshake!!

    How could I ignore that face?

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