#4010127, By dunk The UNOFFICIAL official Wrath of the Lich King thread - newcomers and returnees welcome

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    JediMasterMalik wrote:
    I'm thinking of getting the game, so I'd be a newbie, would it be worth getting the lot or just the original game? Aren't most of the expansions for high level play?

    yes to a certain degree, but without the first expansion, you wouldnt be able to play as a Blood Elf, or Dranaei, or in their respective starter areas which were new to that expansion. And with the 2nd Expansion, you get the Death Knight class. This is all not including the level caps being raised to 70, then to 80, and also the new professions Jewel Crafting, and now Inscription.

    But yes, it is possible to just play the original!
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