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    I'm having loads of stress with my arthritic greyhound "Bob" at the moment. He's got arthritis in his back legs, so he has difficulty toileting, he's also suffering from kidney failure, which I'm managing via his diet, and he's just developed a hernia from straining to toilet too much. The vets say he's too old to have an op on the hernia, so it's not looking too good at the mo.

    When I walk him, which isn't very far nowadays, I have to support his back legs when he squats and also hold his hernia in so it reduces the pain. Not much fun for the both of us tbh. He's been back and forward to the vets over the last few weeks having his medicine changed.

    He's around 13 years old, but I love him to bits and I'm not looking forward to the inevitable choice I'm gonna have to make in the very near future.
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