#4042354, By Charroux Should we have a zero tolerance policy on drink driving?

  • Charroux 20 Nov 2008 18:52:53 800 posts
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    urban wrote:
    this law has its casualty's...my friend on new year, got into his car parked outside of his house drunk, got into the passenger side door, grabbed a cd out of the glove box, came out, locked the door, turned around, police were standing there they breathalysed him and then locked him up

    8 month ban.

    fuck is that all about? he clearly didn't know they were there and so didn't alter his actions because of them, had locked the door and walked away but still. 8 month ban ? would have been 12 months if he didn't go on a "rehab" course

    I'm not saying that your mate is embellishing the truth, but that story does sound a bit far-fetched. Are you sure he's not lying to you to cover his shame about getting caught drink driving?
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