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    Sorry to derail this thread away from the amusing lectures being dished out to djini. My next-door neighbour is on the list. And I am in posession of an offensive skin colour, according to some BNP members. I actually feel a little ill at the thought of having had dinner and drinks with them and letting my nieces play with their kids.

    I grant you that nothing overt has ever been said or mentioned to me. But I look completely different at my neighbours now. I even asked for the spare key back that they kept in their house for me.

    What? That seems massively hypocritical! If you have been over to his house for dinner and drinks and the kids play together surely he doesn't harbour any hiostility towards you.

    You are now taken perceived stereotypes of a BNP member and doing the exact same thing you are accusing him of!

    Yeah, you shouldn't treat him any differently just because you know he was (possibly) a member of the BNP a couple of years ago. I know a woman who would *definitely* be a member if she was politically motivated - you know, the old "they should all be sent back, taking our jobs and houses" crap. Otherwise she's perfectly nice, and we see quite a lot of her, babysit her kid, and so on.
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