#9291019, By techspert Wireless controller keeps disconnecting

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    Ok guys, i will put this to rest, REPLACE YOUR BATTERIES!!! hahaha

    And I need to clarify one other thing for you guys... (the ONLY reason that i registered on this forum, considering i will never be back and dont live in euroupe... i think that says something)

    Anyways, 802.11 has nothing to do with any radio frequency. It is a set of standards for implementing wireless networks with various protocols over various frequencies.

    The reason why you are most familiar with the 2.4 ghz frequency is probably because you guys are too cheap to go out and by a decent Dual-Band router AND adapter (dont forget you need both! LOL). You can pick up a decent one here across the pond for around $100 (US).

    These new routers will operate on both/OR 2.4 & 5 ghz frequencies. One of the main benefits of these routers is increased throughput due to a reduction of noise on the operating frequency. Most cordless home phones, microwaves, wireless printers, etc.. operate on the 2.4 ghz frequency which could cause a low signal strength. Switching to the 5 ghz frequency will overcome this interference as there are not many other consumer devices operating on that frequency (comparatively).

    BUT!!! If you really want to make your friends jealous...

    Setup a hidden wireless network (do not broadcast SSID), and get a couple ubiquity wifi devices (im not affiliated with them, but i love their products!) and use the 2nd frequency as a backhaul between any APs or devices that are sharing over your network!

    Your welcome :)

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