#4064411, By Pooley Can anyone advise on condensation/damp/mould etc.

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    Why not have the houses you're interested in surveyed before you decide? Most surveyors can test a house for issues with damp by using special equipment, e.g. scanning walls for damp.

    My house had damp in one side wall caused by the wall outside not having a lip at the bottom to carry rain away, and a poor path. This was fixed by resurfacing the outside wall and adding a lip to the bottom to ensure water didn't flow down the wall straight into the foundations. I also had the path re-laid with a slight incline to carry any water away from the house. Problem solved and the wall no longer suffers from damp.

    I think just about every house in the UK will suffer from some kind of damp problem, it's just our climate. Proper ventilation and treating any issues like drainage and rainwater flows should ensure that you can keep problems to a minimum.
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