#4081968, By coffeesash Anyone actually get their LittleBigPlanet create a level prizes?

  • coffeesash 1 Dec 2008 09:55:34 6 posts
    Registered 10 years ago
    Hi everyone,

    I didn't actually get in the top 6 to win a big prize in the competition but I created one of the first 100 admissable entries. I was sent an email from Eurogamer saying to give my details and they would send out a prize (a sackboy figure and tshirt). I did so and the first couple of times the email address was dead and the third time it actually sent. A month has now gone by and I have heard nothing even though I wrote again to the littlebigplanet@ email adress and to the contact@ email address a couple of times.

    Has anyone else got their prizes? I'm not sure what's going on :(
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