#5378238, By tonynibbles Uncharted 2

  • tonynibbles 18 Oct 2009 21:20:24 2,247 posts
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    Completed in around 11 hours on hard. Great game.

    I had a few niggles with the (improved) cover system. Probably the thing that could benefit the most from improvement would be the AI. It's pretty good, but at times, frustrating and unpredictable. The viewing angle can be annoying at times, but not often.
    These are minor gripes. It's a great game.

    Multiplayer is incredible. Despite not being a fan of random spawn points and boosters in MP, it is great.

    Oddly, it reminds me of SOCOM 1 on PS2. A little.
    If only Naughty Dog could license out their engine. SOCOM in the UC2 engine, sweet lord yes.

    Spend some time today getting all the treasures, gonna bash through crushing soon :)
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